YAMAtune was born in the town of Higashikawa in the centre of HOKKAIDO in early summer 2014. 

 From the beginning, our intent has always been to make products in harmony with the mountain and nature. From relaxing indoors to exploring the outdoors, YAMAtune is a brand that will enhance your outdoor experiences and day-to-day life.

We work with outdoor enthusiasts to develop high-quality products rooted in our partnerships with athletes, photographers, designers, and artists who have a deep connection to nature. From their experiences, we have learned how to express the joy and beauty of the outdoors through our products.

Everything we imagined that was essential to crafting our products

 - culture, philosophy, a beautiful landscape, sensibility, and lifestyle -

 are found in the town of Higashikawa.

Our town is situated adjacent to the mountainous National Daisetsu Park.
In the summertime you can climb Mt. Asahidake before dawn and the run in the rural landscape.
 In the wintertime, you can ski or snowboard before you start your day and again after work.

Such a way of living is part of the culture in this town.

Whether for leisure or as a means of work,
this rich landscape that we enjoy beckons us to explore the outdoors and all it has to offer.

Tune IN to NATURE. Tune UP your LIFE.

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If we can create products which satisfy people in this town, we feel confident that we can provide our products worldwide. That’s why we set up YAMAtune in Higashikawa as a sock specialist brand and decided to explore a new outdoor market.

From our success in this town, we are inspired to reach an even greater market by establishing YAMAtune worldwide