Higashikawa Town is located in the centre of Hokkaido.YAMAtune has taken the first step out of this town.In early summer 2014, we had an image of creating products that harmonized with the mountains and nature and enriched people's lives from the beginning of the brand was launched.We want to create products that support not only outdoor activities but also everyday life.

For example, the culture of outdoor play can be seen and hidden in ordinary everyday life, and we wanted to make a sock that would naturally blend into this life.

We also thought it could not be ignored that the voices of people who face the nature for developing high-quality products that's why we would like to sit close to the field and learn from the athletes, guides, and local outdoor enthusiasts.Then express the joy of playing outside through our products while following artists and photographers.Higashikawa was the perfect city when we imagined the products we envisioned and the culture, philosophy, sensibilities, and lifestyles needed for them.

It is located on the edge of Asahikawa's flat land and at the foot of National daisetsuzan Park, lined with 2000m-class mountains.Therefore, in summer, you can climb Mt. Asahidake before dawn and run on the flat ground.In winter, you can slide on the brand new powder snow before starting your day.Incorporate outdoor activities into your life, and use them for work and on your own time. Such an ideal way of living was ubiquitous in this town.

When we opened the flagship field store, the population in Higashikawa was about 8000.


People gathered here who love nature in Hokkaido, impressed by the beauty of Mt. Asahida, even it is a small small town. Here is the natural harmonization when we draw the first time.One day if we can create a sock satisfied by people here, which means we can provide to the naturalist worldwide. That's why we set up YAMAtune in Higashikawa as a sock specialist brand and pioneering outdoor market.